Welcome to the membership page of the BC Disc Golf Association!

We are thrilled to offer a variety of membership options tailored to fit the needs of every disc golf enthusiast in British Columbia. Whether you’re a casual player, a competitive athlete, or part of a club, we have a membership for you.

Free Community Membership

No Cost

Join our growing community!

This membership is perfect for those who want to stay connected with the disc golf scene in BC, receive updates, and support the sport’s growth.


  • Stay informed with the latest disc golf news and events in BC.
  • Connect with fellow disc golf enthusiasts.
  • Receive exclusive email updates and social media notifications.
  • Opportunities to participate in community surveys and feedback.
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Competitive Membership

Fee: $10 CAD

Designed for players keen on competing in BCDGA-organized or affiliated tournaments.

This membership is your ticket to participate in competitive disc golf events throughout the year.


  • Eligibility to compete in BCDGA-sanctioned tournaments.
  • Discounts on PDGA memberships ($5 off).
  • Additional player insurance coverage.
  • Be part of the competitive disc golf community in BC.


  • Annual Fee: Valid until December 31st of the calendar year.
  • *if you join late in the year, Oct 1st and onward, you’re covered throughout the entire next calendar year.
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Club Affiliate Membership

Fee: $50 CAD

Ideal for clubs seeking to affiliate with BCDGA and enjoy collective benefits.

This membership strengthens your club’s presence in the disc golf community and provides resources for growth and development.


  • Liability insurance up to $5 million for club events.
  • Coverage for course maintenance and work parties.
  • Access to resources for hosting events and course development.
  • Support in establishing Provincial and National Sporting Organizations.


  • Annual Fee: A flat rate for the entire club.
  • Member List Submission: Required by December 31.
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